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MyMenus Online is an online ordering system for restaurants. MyMenus Online (formerly morgantown.directory) was created during the start of the pandemic to provide an affordable online ordering and table reservation solution for restaurants. We provide an efficient and easy way for customers to view restaurant menus, order online, reserve a table or have food delivered. 

Restaurant Menus

Our goal is to provide a unique digital experience with detailed online menus with photos and qr codes. 

Online Ordering

Our system lets your customers order online through a customized website or mobile app. Orders are received through our MyMenus Online - Kitchen App which is available on both apple and android app stores. We also have a special feature that allows you to slow down online orders when the kitchen gets too busy.


Table Reservation

Our table reservations system allows customers to book tables thus helping restaurant managers schedule employees according to how busy it is. We also provide to manage reservations, communication options and restaurant capacity. Reports and analytics are also provided to assist with tracking your efficiency.

Driver Management

Are you a restaurant owner with your own drivers? Great! Our system, helps you as a restaurant owner to deliver food to customers from their local favorite restaurant. Instead of having to call your drivers every time there is an order to be delivered, our driver app automatically notifies them with all the necessary delivery details.

Driver App

Loyalty Points & Rewards

Reward your loyal customers for every dollar spent with redeemable points and rewards. Our rewards system improves customer retention and loyalty. 

loyalty rewards

Receiving Orders With Our Kitchen App

The MyMenus Online Kitchen App is an easy to use app that allows you to quickly review, process and manage customer orders. The Kitchen App is available for Android and Apple devices and supports locations that receive high volumes. The MyMenus Online Kitchen App works best with our Smart Kitchen Thermal Printer or any Bluetooth Capable Printer. With the Kitchen App, restaurant owners can; 

  • Preview orders, cancel orders and see when your customer will arrive.
  • Check off orders to let customers know when order is ready for pick up.
  • View order history and monitor sales performance.
  • Adjust settings like store hours, menu, slow down orders being received and more.

Kitchen App

Website Design & Mobile Apps for Restaurant

We design custom websites and mobile apps at an affordable cost. With a custom branded website or mobile ordering app for your restaurant, customers can order ahead for pickup or delivery, pay, and also earn rewards.


Why MyMenus Online?

We built a simplified and low-cost food ordering platform to help local businesses succeed. Talk to us about a customized online ordering solution for your restaurant or food truck. We offer;

  • Lowest commission and monthly bills
  • Online ordering & table reservation system
  • Custom ordering website and mobile app
  • Credit card & digital payment processing (2.9% + 0.30 per transaction which can be partially charged to the customer)
  • Delivery system and driver app if you already have your own drivers.
  • Rewards and loyalty points system
  • Business marketing tools

Our Competitors

  • ToastTab
  • UberEats
  • ChowNow
  • DoorDash
  • GrubHub
  • Square

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